Personal Income Tax Returns

Need help preparing and filing your personal income tax return or just not looking forward to doing it yourself?

We fully understand how filing taxes can not only be confusing, but also sometimes stressful for some. It shouldn’t be though and this is where we can help. We realize that everyone is different and we make it our mission to ensure that everyone is claiming all that they can in order to reduce their tax obligation.  We take pride in treating your income tax return as we would do our own and always go that extra mile to ensure that you are claiming all that you can so that you are receiving the most from your return.

Our personal income e-filing service is fast, reliable, and affordable, from the simplest of returns right through to the more complicated ones.

Filings for a single person with one T4 slip start at $50 (including GST) and increase from there, depending on what is going on in your world.

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